Travels In Hawaii, Alaska and

British Columbia

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At anchor in Hanalei Bay
The sun sets in the mid-Pacific
The lake above Baranoff Hot Springs
Sea Otters at Baranoff Hot Springs
Baranoff Falls
Bald Eagle at Hoonah, AK
Playing by Reid Glacier, AK
Iceberg at Reid Glacier, Glacier Bay
Survival Suit, Reid Glacier, AK
Bear Print, Reid Glacier, Glacier Bay, AK
Margerie Glacier, Glacier Bay
The Fairweathers, Glacier Bay, AK
Tenured at Tracy Arm, AK
Tracy Arm Iceberg
Tracy Arm Waterfall
Meyer's Chyck General Store, AK
Zimovia Strait, AK
Butedale, British Columbia
Inside Passage, BC
Verney Falls, British Columbia
Dag the Banana Man
Inside Passage at Dusk, BC
Genville Channel