Travels in Alaska -  Part IV Cruising with Mark and Max  (Pictures are in reverse chronological order)



Award winning photo by Mark -- A Whale of a Tale about a Whale's tail viewed in Stephens Passage


I cannot speak what I saw them doing here.


Life in Alaska: 

A man, his new beard, and a reindeer dog.


Mark before the gunfight.


Max expressing his personal sense of style.


The great boat chores revolt


Crew members at rest playing "Watch the Mug"  (Max won.)


Look at what $145.00 buys.

(Our one legal crab this season.)


Giant Leaves -- Charmin of the woods.  (Put two together and they are two ply.)


Crew off to explore Taku Bay


Taku Sunset which is about 15 minutes before the Taku Sunrise


Remnants of the Taku Cannery


More remnants of the Taku cannery.  Even junk in Alaska is pretty.


Frederick the pet Eeeel


Nature takes over the remains of the Taku Cannery Pier


I almost missed the flowers through the woods.


The woods


The hardy crew (or perhaps the Hardy Boys) arrive ready for their luxury cruise aboard the Mighty Sea Spirit.


Right before the great crab mutiny


Auke bay


Mark snorkeling for crabs in Auke bay