Travels in Alaska -  Part III Cruising with my friend Jeanne (Pictures are in reverse chronological order)


Funter bay with the Mighty Sea Spirit in the Background


Jeanne enjoying the Funter Bay Bikini Weather


Two whales who very inconsiderately cut us off as we entered Funter Bay.


The Funter Bay WWII Cemetery


Man and Machine -- Life is good.


Pavlov Anchorage -- Ring a bell and lets see if this guy salivates.


Falls at Pavlov Anchorage on Chichagof Island


Baranof Hot Springs.  Hot tubs in the woods by a raging waterfall.  Given some of the folks roaming the Alaska wilderness, I am glad that clothing is NOT optional.


The Seiner Fleet waits at Baranof Hot Springs dock for the next salmon season opening.


These rental cabins were racing to see which one could reach the ocean first.


Sitka Russian Cemetery.

Sitka is proof that it is not true that the only good Russian is a dead Russian (Excuse the cold war reference.) 


Sitka from Castle Hill