Travels in Alaska with Jennifer and Arianna (Pictures are in reverse Chronological Order  -- Sitka working backwards to Ketchikan)


Stika from Afar


Bustling downtown Sitka


Typical Alaska Morning in Sitka Harbor


Sitka Totem Park -- Our third Totem Park on this trip. 


Training bear to teach children to be comfortable enough to approach and pet the real ones.


Just another bald eagle.  They are as common as my Dad at a buffet.  As common as bald men in Miami. 


Sunrise on the Chatham Strait enroute from Tenekee to Sitka.  4 AM



Typical house in Tenekee Springs


Just another Orca...


Orcas at confluence of Icy and Chatham Straits.


Sitka Moose
Under Alaska Law Bears must label and date all their droppings (scat). 

Note the berries, grass, and piece of a human thumb.

(Five feet from this glorious pile was one of those things that dispenses bags so you can pick up after your dog.  Go figure?)


Mendenhall Glacier -- Hard to take a picture without hundreds of tourists in it.


Bare Armed Bear Bearing Arms --  God love America, Charleton Heston, and the NRA...


We told Ari there was a quarter under the rock...


This guy just wandered down the beach by our boat in Taku Harbor


This is all Alaska has to offer...


Killer whales and ice bergs in one place.  Too cool


Tracy Arm Bergies -- The icepack eventually prevented us from reaching the glacier.  Still a great day.


Unlike wildlife, icebergs are easy to photograph.


Awash in the spray from a waterfall in Tracy Arm


It is just not that hard to avoid an iceberg-- It makes you wonder about those guys on the Titanic.  Tracy Arm


Tracy Arm -- Eagles with cold feet.


Our little wilderness fishing chick


Sea Spirit in Wrangell Narrows as viewed from El Bucanero (owned by fellow San Diegans Brad and Darlene)


"Two Tree Island" 

Not sure how they named it...


Jennifer with sea spirit in the background.  (I should have never let her drive.)


Petroglyphs -- I think it is the work of pre-historic teenagers with too much time on their hand and no place to buy spraypaint.


The view from Petroglyph beach in Wrangell.  Finally we are in "REAL" Alaska.


Is this a crack crew or a crew on crack?


A view of the Clarence Strait from Meyer's Chuck


McDonalds of the North


It was either this guy or me.  


We have seen more bald eagles than my dad could eat in a single sitting.  (These were viewed just a short drive outside of Ketchikan beyond the reach of the tourists.)


Good Ole Fashioned Ketchikan Flag Burning


Downtown Ketchikan


Ketchikan Arch -- Gateway to the Yukon


If one picture tells the Ketchikan story, this is it...