Anacortes to BC

 (NOTE:  This would be a "D" webpage if my students submitted it but I am in a hurry.  Pictures are in reverse chronological order. I will make it look better later.)


Ketchikan Waterfront


Welcom to Ketchikan


Welcome to America


Foggy Bay (US) Canookian Geese


Foggy Bay American Black Bear.  (Another day, another bear...)


Prince Rupert Rowing and Yacht Club


Just another Fjord - Fraser Reach, BC


Beautiful Butedale, BC


Falls at Butedale


Bishop Bay


Hot springs at Bishop Bay


A whale tale south of Cone Island


Close encounter with a marine mammal


A gorgeous fjord and typically stunning snow covered mountains


Crossing the Queen Charlotte Sound north of Vancouver Island.  Note the scary seas.


Just another eagle -- Millbrook Anchorage north of the Queen Charlotte Sound


Port McNeil Walmart

Logging and Marine Supplies.  That covers it all...


No visit to Port McNeil is complete without visiting the "World's Largest Burl"
Seymour Narrows north of Campbell river at Slack -- Tug and Log Barge in the Haze


They were not kdding.  (See following pictures.)  This is Port Neville


Read the bottom three lines.  Sounds like the kind of place that I would want to raise children.


Friendly looking guy.  Probably just a big dog. Let's go and pet it...


A little too close for comfort.


Dodd Narrows on the way to Nanaimo


Day 2 -- The Georgia Strait.  Floating logs, deadheads and poor visibility.  Did I mention the choppy seas?
Our first night out -- Ruxton Anchorage